Our exceptional induction technology offers pan size recognition resulting in no power waste for smaller pan size and the highest power when you need it most as with all large pan size option for each burner. Watch our installation video!

You have your choice of medium and large burner configurations:

    • 2 Large / 2 Medium: SKU TI4B4L0M
    • 1 Large / 3 Medium: SKU TI4B4L3M
    • 4 Medium: SKU TI4B4L4M
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Large Burner: 11 3/4″ | 3,000 Watts

Medium Burner: 10 5/8″ | 1,700 Watts

Control Panel: Measures 10.8″ x 6″

Electrical Requirements: 220 Volts, 1P + N with 40 amps. PLEASE BE SURE NO NEUTRAL/WHITE WIRE IS CONNECTED.

Minimum Countertop thickness: 1 inch

*Underneath your induction glass, there is a generator, that is about 3 to 4 inches.

Minimum distance between burners: 3″

Large Burner Template
Medium Burner Template

*Please note: If you need a DXF file please email [email protected]*

**To ensure maximum inductive efficiency, please make sure that your cookware never exceeds the diameter of the coil.**

Installation Sheet

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1st Burner

Large, Medium

2nd Burner

Large, Medium

3rd Burner

Large, Medium

4th Burner

Large, Medium