Modular Induction Cooktops

Tulip Cooking induction cooktops instill any countertop with sleek, minimalist design that can be personalized to suit your imagination. Experience the latest in cooking innovation, from faster cooking to better energy efficiency. You can even install induction and gas burners together — the perfect pairing.

Smart Pad Technology

An elegantly modern addition to any countertop.

Discover limitless configurations and layout possibilities for your countertop: Tulip Cooking offers the world’s only modular induction cooktop with flexible burner placement. The striking, gloss-black cooktop surface complements any kitchen, while the burners are available in two sizes: medium and large.

Advanced Functionality

A revolution in kitchen technology.

Induction cooking represents the latest in cooking innovation: the magnetized direct heating of cast-iron or similar metal cookware through a ceramic-surface cooktop. Our induction cooktops incorporate an advanced solid-state control unit, while powerful embedded burners deliver optimal heating efficiency for faster cooking. The cooktop installs easily, cleans with a simple wipe of the surface, and never gets hot to the touch.