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Ordering & Delivery

What are your lead times for delivery?

Delivery times depend on stock availability for each specific model. Assuming the model is in stock, delivery time is typically two weeks for delivery within the continental U.S.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping prices vary depending on which state Tulip is being delivered.


What kind of warranty does Tulip Cooking provide?

Please refer to our Warranty page, linked in our footer!

What happens if I need warranty-related repairs?

Send in a request via our Product Service tab. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.


How do I install the burners?
Can you install gas and induction burners together?

Yes, you can install gas and induction burners together. Please note gas and induction burners will have their own control panel/knobs.

What kind of countertop material can I use for installing the cooktop?

Tulip Cooking gas cooktops may be installed in a wide range of countertop materials including natural stone, quartz composite, stainless steel, ceramic, Fenix NTM, concrete, and glass. Do not install in wood or High-Pressure Laminate (HPL).

Can I fit an oven or cabinets underneath the countertop once the cooktop is installed?

Yes, but be sure to consult the oven manufacturer’s installation requirements.

What are the electrical requirements for installation?

For our Gas burners they require 110 Volts.

Induction burners require a 220 Volts with at least 60amps.

Does Tulip Gas require support bars?

No! Our burners do not require support bars for installation.

For Tulip Cooking gas burners, what are the gas connection requirements?

Tulip Cooking gas cooktops can be used with Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (LPG).

Is there a recommended type of exhaust fan that should be used with gas cooktops ?

Generally, you should have a hood that covers 100 cfm for every linear foot of cooking surface.

Please check with your local town/city for the proper ventilation code.

Usage & Care

How do you clean your gas burners?

The pan supports and burner trim can be removed for cleaning. We recommend using a nonabrasive sponge and organic soap; you can also place in the dishwasher and clean with nonabrasive detergent. For more difficult cleaning jobs, soak pan supports and/or burner trim in the sink using organic soap.

How do you clean your induction burners?

Cleaning your induction burners is easy! Be sure that your burners have cooled down before cleaning. Remove any food residue from the burners. We recommend using an organic soap and a special microfiber cloth to clean. The microfiber cloth will make your induction burners shine!

If any spills or boil-over occur, how do I clean my countertop?

For gas or induction cooktops, be sure to clean spills or boil-over as soon as possible, using a household soap or cleaner suitable for your countertop material.

How I do transfer a pan from one burner to another?

Simply lift the pan to move it from one burner to another. Avoid sliding pans directly across the burners or cooktop surface, as this may cause scratches not only to the pan, but to the pan supports (gas) or ceramic surface (induction).


Can the heat from the burners damage my countertop?

Tulip Cooking gas burners feature heat shields that protect the countertop from becoming too hot.
Be sure to follow instructions from your countertop fabricator (eg) sealing granite


The gas cooktop has been installed, but the burner(s) won’t light.

If you hear a clicking sound as you turn the control knobs, but the burner won’t light, here are a few things you can check:

  1. First, be sure the control knobs are installed correctly. Knobs must be centered in the countertop’s cutout. If the knobs are slightly off-center, the burners will not light.
  2. If knobs are centered, try using a match to light the burners. If this works, it may indicate that the igniter is not functioning properly. Contact us for a replacement igniter.